Energy Awareness Decoded is a series of private seminar training recordings recently given to a group of powerful online influencers. Glenn packs a lot of content and experience into the seminars.


What You Will Receive

He gives basic knowledge about Energy Awareness Training, in-depth descriptions, examples, and actual demonstrations of how it works. Included in this video program are some of the actual exercises and the training courses from Level One. This is designed for new people and for those who have already realized the power of Energy Awareness Training and want to know a little more about how it all works before they embarking on a Personal One-on-One Coaching series or taking the Level One online video course.

What to Expect

You will be fascinated by the in-depth, ground-breaking and revolutionary concepts explained throughout the course. You might even recognize a few influencers in the crowd. 


High Vibration & Low Vibration Energy

A thorough description of the hidden energies, how they are affecting and influencing you 24/7. You will learn to differentiate between empowering energies and destructor energies. These energies affect you mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Energy Body

Learn how to shift the energy centers in your body to instantly eradicate low vibration energy. Also discover the end game of energetic freedom and the basic steps to learn how to control your energy and be your most effective self. 

“I've been working personally with Glenn for the past year, and I can honestly say nothing else has ever come close to how Glenn and Energy Awareness Training has totally turned my life around. I've been taught the steps to let go of so many emotional issues, blocks, and frustrations that I've lost count! By far the best investment I have ever made in my own happiness and wellbeing. I will use these tools every day for the rest of my life. Nothing else comes close.”
— Will Couchman


Energy Profiles

Discussion of actual case studies of different challenging energetic situations and their solutions. Learn how to examine these situations in your own life which will save you time, money, and prevent unwanted or unpleasant situations. 



You will unravel how sex energy rules the world and the dangers of keeping yours unchecked. 

And so much more...



By the time you've completed viewing Energy Awareness Decoded, you will have achieved an advanced understanding and learn many of the secrets and powers of those who have developed powerful energy awareness skills. This can and will totally transform your life and move you the next level! 

“I have to say, it literally changed my life. I've been extremely stressed out in the beginning. I hit rock bottom and the work with Glenn completely turned it around 180 degrees. I'm extremely grateful to have met him, and grateful that I had the opportunity to work with him. And it's amazing! And I hope to work with Glenn very soon again. ”
— Max Berger
“I've been working with Glenn in energy work for the past couple of months. I never knew of anything before this, and it's changed my life for the better. I never knew I had any traumas or traumatic events that happened in my life, and he was able to pinpoint exactly what the patterns were occurring in my life now, and they were exactly being transferred from the past events. He was able to work with me energetically, get them removed, release them and now I'm the happiest I've ever been, feeling great, and a lot more positive things are coming in my life. I just like to say thank you to Glenn, thank you for what you've done for me.  ”
— Sam Matheson

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