This time I was determined to do whatever it took to clear and heal my condition.

I turned my attention to the self-help and personal development industry. I read,

enriched himself with numerous classes and workshops, became certified and eventually

began teaching and presenting the different disciplines that he had studied: Neuro- Linguistic

Programming (NLP), meditation, prana healing, qi gong, hypnosis, visualization, shamanic

vision and numerous other self-help techniques.


Yet, even after immersing myself in these disciplines, I recognized that while I learned a

lot, the old patterns of anxiety, stress and worry still remained.


I finally realized that these persistent conditions, that he carried internally yet were

concealed beneath his ability to recognize them, still operated just as strongly as they had

as a child. Although outwardly I conveyed the picture of strength and self-confidence, he was

fighting off, not only the unrelenting anxiety and stress, but now a growing depression and

tormenting thoughts that this "condition" would never disappear. After all, through all the books,

trainings, gurus, and retreats Glenn engaged in and attended, the conditions had endured.

Although I had seemingly tried everything under the sun, by a strange coincidence he was

introduced to the fields of energy medicine, energy psychology, and the energetic concepts of

Oriental medicine. These teachings would have the most significant impact on his life and on

ultimately eradicating his lifelong struggles with stress and anxiety.


I finally began to understand that what was plaguing him was a harmful energy pattern he

had acquired growing up in his household. It was an energetic imprint that developed during

childhood and adolescence. As I began learning all about how energy, frequencies, forces

and patterns affect human behaviors, he had a personal revelation allowing him to clearly see and

identify the hidden energy systems and patterns that operate below our conscious awareness and

that affect all of us, both internally and externally. Additionally, I was not only able to see and

identify the energies which want to inspire and advance us towards our dreams, goals and attaining

the ideal life we all want, but I also recognized there are energies that want to block that, sabotage us,

and take us down. I learned how to navigate and pinpoint the source of these energies.

Most importantly I learned to dissolve and detach from them once and for all!


Using the information and instructions from his personal epiphany, I wasted no time isolating

and dissolving his anxieties, stress and trauma energy. Almost immediately, I felt I was starting

life anew, free from the destructive energies of his past, and experiencing an incredible unique sense

of inner peace, self-confidence, personal power and inner serenity previously unknown to him.

I began to develop a systematic blueprint of how to teach energetic skills to deal with any

situation life throws at you, and to be able to deal with it successfully, and remain in a calm,

resourceful, energetic state.


As I began to heal and transform himself, others began to take notice and inquire about

what I was doing to create these changes in his life . Upon finding out, they asked him for

help. I began sharing and teaching what I had learned and experienced. I began helping

others and started doing private sessions for people who were also experiencing intense, internal

anguish. People who were recovering from upsetting emotional history, addictions, abuse, heartbreak

and disturbing emotions began to heal and recover. Word rapidly spread as these people obtained

incredible results from working with Glenn.


Glenn ultimately documented and systematized his groundbreaking teachings, and now calls it

Energy Awareness Training. My work has evolved into a private coaching practice, teaching

Energy Awareness Training to, among others:

  • Hollywood entertainment executives and celebrities
  • Sport stars
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Well-known teachers & influencers


These groups of people encouraged Glenn to take his work public and now Glenn is launching

Energy Awareness Training to the world.


His mission is to teach the world what we all should have been taught in school; i.e., how

energy works in this world, how to eliminate unnecessary suffering (most suffering is unnecessary

when you have energetic tools) and how to avoid energetic traps that we all fall into and that have

unknowingly disrupted our lives.


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