Level 3 Energy Awareness Training


This is a 7-week online training program with over 14+ hours of content. Downloadable audio files are available so you can access the training anywhere.


You will be invited to join our Level 3 Private Community where you will be in direct contact with Glenn, have the ability to ask questions, and mastermind with other students.




Glenn Ackerman, the author and founder of Energy Awareness Training, has been certified in and taught multiple disciplines in the personal development field for over 20 years. He has been teaching and training students all over the world who are committed to living their best life.

What You Will Learn & Benefits of Level 3 Awareness Training:


1. You will learn the remaining energy behavior codes and applications.

2. You will learn and master the Meta-Lane Control Technique. This Level 3 technology is your reward for making it to Level 3 and will take your HVE awareness to a whole new level. 

3. You will learn advanced EPR for deeper emotional cleansing and HVE application.

4. You are going to learn all about the LVE destructor energies. These energies are deep rooted LVE that are embedded at an unconscious level. We are going to identify and dissolve them. We will focus on one energy each week and do an intensive cleansing and clearing.


5. And in addition to all of these new skills you will be learning, we are going to begin clearing your Money and Prosperity issues and open the energies for you to receive and attract more money!


These are the essential Level 3 skills that you must have, that will not only accelerate your money and prosperity issues but also advance your relationship, sex energy education as well.


Glenn will be giving assignments that will be taking you much deeper into the work and that you will be writing about and sharing extensively.


We are also going to change and shift the platform to new Level 3 standards that will make it much easier and quicker to do.


Level 3 has taken Glenn more time, commitment, focus and energy to bring this to you. It will require more time, commitment, and focus on your part to master these high-level skills.


You know the results you got in Level 2. Imagine doubling or tripling them in Level 3!


Each of you are a valued and respected member of this elite class, that has gone the furthest of any organized class in EAT history. You will be the leaders from which tens of thousands of people from around the world will follow from behind you.


This will be the best course yet!


Register today.


You have nothing to worry about. Follow the training and you WILL see results.


The limits are lifted because your class will play in any modern browser anywhere.



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