Level 6 Energy Awareness Training


This is a 9-week online training program with over 18+ hours of content. Downloadable audio files are available so you can access the training anywhere.


You will be invited to join our Level 6 Private Community where you will be in direct contact with Glenn, have the ability to ask questions, and mastermind with other students.




Glenn Ackerman, the author and founder of Energy Awareness Training, has been certified in and taught multiple disciplines in the personal development field for over 20 years. He has been teaching and training students all over the world who are committed to living their best life.

What You Will Learn & Benefits of Level 6 Awareness Training:


Announcing the most advanced course to date on Energy Awareness Training... Level 6


In this course we will be harvesting and utilizing all the skills and knowledge you have accumulated during the earlier levels to ramp up to accessing a higher frequency in HVE to create major change and results.


You have learned that it is in giving that you receive and I have discovered a way for all of us to band together to create a very HVE Energy field where we can be of service to each other and use this energy field to accelerate our growth and results, both in the energetic worlds and the physical world. It is a combination of manifestation and EAT combined.


You have learned that HVE is happy, joyous, and free, that it is unlimited and connected to all possibilities. In this course you are going to have the experience of manifesting HVE presence in your current needs and issues, and having the support of your fellow advanced EAT students to support you, physically and energetically.


Each and every one of you are an important part of our advanced EAT community and your energy is needed to help make our healing and manifestation circle as strong as it can be. 


You will:

  • Learn speed cleansing of LVE

  • Put yourself in even higher and deeper HVE states

  • Dissolve any hidden LVE energy blocks that are preventing your progress

  • Experience and witness HVE working on your behalf and helping and healing you 

  • Create new change, growth, and awakening within 

  • Manifest your dreams, goals and ideas through an HVE Filter

  • Create long lasting happiness and fulfillment patterns

  • Move even closer to energetic freedom


It will be the energetic ride of your life!


You have nothing to worry about. Follow the training and you WILL see results.


The limits are lifted because your class will play in any modern browser anywhere.



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