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"Was stressed out, hit rock bottom in my life. Glenn's work changed everything 180°. I am extremely grateful for meeting and having the opportunity to work with him. He is amazing!"

Max - RSD Instructor

""Having experienced Glenn's work and being able to raise my energy vibration from low to high (feel good all the time now), I highly recommend Energy Awareness Training.""

Claudia F.

""Hey everybody, my name is Terrence. Allow me to share the profound transformation which I am experiencing since I started Energy Awareness Training. It has impacted my health, relationship, finance, experiences and self. •Got free from a disease called acid reflux. From 58kg now I am at 65kg, I felt healthier •Quit smoking and drinking hard liquor (only 1-2 bottles of beer) •Changed my physical appearance from rugged into clean and classy •From being broke to $$$$$ •Found my passion in helping people •Relationship with my girlfriend is more steady and peaceful •Became more calm when dealing with business, people and challenges •Guided, protected and kept safe from negative people/attacks •Loving whom I see when I look myself in the mirror •Became more joyful, adventurous, carefree and fun to be around •More aware about the essence of living and what is really important in life ""

Terrence F.

"If you're like me and have tried EVERYTHING to just feel fulfilled, feel happy, and enjoy life, but all to no avail, this training will change your life (IF you actually do the work!!). This isn't the first thing I came across and thought "oh this stuff is kinda cool maybe I'll try it out", no — I was a long term student of self-development work before I found Glenn (almost a decade in self-dev before Glenn). I studied (and became VERY good at) game. I meditated, I did Yoga (even became a qualified Yoga instructor). I learned the Sedona Method, I read books, I did life purpose courses and hypnosis, and all the while I was just miserable. I was at the mercy of my emotions and would ride the emotional rollercoaster of good things happening in my life and feeling good, then having something bad happen and feeling bad. I wanted to get off that ride!! Now I am proud to say that I AM IN CONTROL OF MY ENERGY. No matter what is happening, I can CHOOSE to feel good! This work is liberating, and should not be underestimated. Glenn always says this training is the single most important thing you can ever learn, and I whole-heartedly believe that. It's life-changing. Period. But are you willing to step up and do the work? It's easy to do, but it's easy NOT to do... Your results will be determined by the actions you take. Simple as that. "

Ashford T.

My Story

Coming from both a caring yet thundering household filled with extreme tension and
emotional abuse, I developed anxiety, panic attacks and persistent worry about my safety and security. 


I left home at an early age and worked his way through private prep school and college. I was determined to overcome his chaotic upbringing by being successful.


But, even though I believed I had dealt with my  past and put my stresses and anxieties behind me, my painful past wasn't through with him yet.


When I graduated from college with a music degree, and began working as composer/producer in Hollywood, I witnessed those old familiar feelings of anxiety, panic attacks and worry resurfacing and interfering with his ability to function successfully.

I assumed the cause of all this stress could simply be credited to his long working hours. So, I changed careers and became a top and highly sought-after speaker and trainer in the sales and marketing industry.


However, as I began to experience rising success, the old patterns of anxiety, stress and panic attacks returned to haunt him once more...


Click below & Apply for a Complementary Coaching Session Now by Glenn or one of his Coaches!

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