Clear and Resolve Any and All Relationship Challenges and Broken Heart Pain

No matter how much you love someone, over time little annoyances, irritations, resentments, or hurt feelings can escalate, causing friction, deep division or separation. It can erode or sabotage the closeness of feelings of love you once shared, and eventually turn those feelings into hostility or the desire to separate. This is a big reason why couples break up and the divorce rate is running around 50%. Energy Awareness Training teaches you how to keep your energy clean, clear and focused on maintaining the relationship that you want, keeping it filled with love, harmony, lasting affection, and intimacy. It has saved countless relationships & marriages. It is essential if you desire a peaceful, passionate, long-term relationship. 

When a relationship ends, it can turn your life upside down. Especially when there was cheating, deceit, or unkept promises, the excruciating emotional turmoil that follows can lead people to make unwise decisions to cope with the stress. Unfortunately, these actions can often worsen the situation. Energy Awareness Training can help lower the stressful energy of a broken heart dramatically. It can keep you energetically centered, positive, and in control while going through the process of separation, heartbreak or loss. If you have ever experienced this, you remember that you would do anything to make that sadness and darkness to go away. Energy Awareness Training can help you clean, clear and process this negative energy, as it supports and empowers the recovery process. The outcome provides much-needed relief in a holistic and healthy way. 

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