Conquer Your Anxiety, Fear, and Stress at All Levels: Past, Present and Future

Most don't know how to clear their own stress, they only know how to manage and live with it. No one ever taught us how to dissolve our stress and clear it out completely. This stress is a frequency that attaches itself to our energy field. Just like sweat is created throughout our day, especially when we get excited or perform a physical activity, we need to clean the body of that sweat and dirt. If we don't clean the body, or if we skip it for a week, what happens? Nothing good. It's the same with our stress energy: We accumulate it everyday and if we don't clean or clear it out, it spreads and grows stronger inside us and creates more stress. People usually deal with their stress by drinking wine, smoking a joint, working out, meditating, etc. While that makes people feel better temporarily, it doesn't dissolve the stress and shortly it will return stronger than before. Because energy is constantly expanding. Energy Awareness Training teaches you not only how to identify where the stress energy is coming from, but also how to completely dissolve it, so it does not return. The stress energy is then replaced by happiness, joy, and peace. This is a priceless skill that you'll be using for the rest of your life. 

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