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In Energy Awareness Training we view any kind of troubling issue as a disruption in your energy field. Anxiety and stress disrupt your energy field. These disruptor energies will take you out of alignment or shut you down. That interferes with the body's ability to heal itself. Many of our students, who have repeatedly baffling health issues and have sought help with various professionals, learned to clean and clear their own energy and their conditions cleared up. High vibratory energy that naturally flows, circulates and that is in alignment is a key to a healthy vibrant body. For the sports and athletically-minded individual, their ability to perform at the highest levels is known as being in the zone. The ability to get into and stay in the zone is a common trait of world-class champions. The zone is an energetic frequency that you learn to be in as part of your energy training. Competitive athletes, that study Energy Awareness Training, report increased vitality, concentration, razor sharp reflexes, and the ability to be at their personal best consistently. Many that are energetically trained have a major advantage over their competition. 

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